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God Will Make A Way (by Nicole Boswell)

One of my favorite hymns is God Will Make a Way.    

            God will make a way

            where there seems to be no way.

            He works in ways we can not see,

            He will make a way for me.  

            He will be my guide,

            hold me closely to His side.

            With love and strength for each new day,

            He will make a way.

            He will make a way.


Right now with COVID causing so much turmoil in our lives, I need to remind myself of this hymn, often.  Loved ones are getting sick and dying, people are losing jobs and can’t provide for their families, and we are being asked to isolate and stay away from those we hold dear to our hearts.  It is not an easy time right now, as we are left wondering what the future will hold.  Let's take a minute and remember a few of the promises we have from the LORD. 


The hymn above comes from the book of Isaiah chapter 43.  Verses 16 and 19b say, “Thus says the LORD who makes a way in the sea, a path in the mighty waters; I will make  a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.”  We may be faced with a situation in our lives where we can’t see a way out.  We can’t see how the situation could possibly ever be right again.  We can take comfort in the words of Isaiah.  God creates a stream through the driest of deserts, and a path through the most treacherous of seas.  He can clear a path for our lives, too.  God can see where we have come from, where we are now, and He can see how He will bring us out of our situation.  Before we ever came to find ourselves in this place, God already knew how He would lead us through.  We need to focus on being committed to our walk with Him and let our King guide us through the turmoil.



Photo by Matthew Henry from Burst.

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