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So what's the deal with Sacred Selections?

When I formed this company, I wanted to focus on 3 things:

1) Providing modest, flattering, quality apparel that's easily attainable. (No more time wasted digging through racks!)

2) Providing the most phenomenal, personalized customer service possible.

3) Raising money & awareness for a nonprofit organization I love.


You've seen it mentioned all over my site: "A portion of every sale is donated to Sacred Selections to help fund adoptions!" But what's so special about this nonprofit? I'm sure there are lots of other organizations & resources available to help fund adoptions. So why Sacred Selections?

Well, the short answer is because of the people involved with this organization. Sacred Selections has helped several families I know personally, and their work is incredible. Their hearts are truly focused on serving the Lord and growing His kingdom. By helping Christian families whose hearts & homes are open to adoption, they are helping a child to know the Lord who might not have otherwise learned about Him.

Sacred Selections has been operating for 12 years and has, at the time of this posting, helped cover the adoption expenses (either fully or partially) for 363 children! That's a lot of seats added to dinner tables! That's a lot of little butts in Bible class chairs! ;) And they haven't all been domestic adoptions either - some have been international! The church is no respecter of country or territory, and Sacred Selections seeks to make a difference to children around the world also!

No longer do Christian couples have to give up their dream of parenting due to limited financial resources. Sacred Selections exists to bridge the gap between desperately wanting to welcome a child into the family and not having an extra several thousand dollars to spend on adoption costs. This is why we are proud to partner with Sacred Selections, and this is why we want to do fundraisers for couples who are adopting in the near future!

Thank you for shopping at Mellow & Giddy Boutique, and for helping to make dreams come true! It is because of YOU that we can give & bring awareness to the Sacred Selections mission - not only on Giving Tuesday, but every day!

Be sure to check out the Sacred Selections website for information on fundraising & adopting, & check them out on Facebook! 






Photo by Matthew Henry from Burst

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