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Inner Beauty Blog

  • When Friends Disappoint Us (Part 1)

    It seems to be a recurring theme among a lot of women I've spoken to recently: their friends have let them down in some way, and they're reeling from the disappointment & hurt. The first part of this blog series will show you that you're not alone!
  • Have An Attractive Soul (by Nicole Boswell)

    Society tells us that in order to be attractive we need to be a size zero and dress with our boobs showing and shorts so tiny that you can see the bottom of your rear end.  I get clothing ads that pop up on my social medial account and almost all of the women are so skinny.  I often find myself wishing I could have a body like that.  So what are some things I need to remind myself of when I am having model body envy?
  • A Childlike Faith (by Sarah Focht)

    Maybe you find yourself thinking, “The Lord promised me a hope and a future, but I haven’t seen any signs of them yet!” Or, “The way is just too difficult… the reward isn’t worth the struggle.” If you sometimes have a hard time believing that what our Father has promised, He will perform, then this blog post is for you!
  • God Will Make A Way (by Nicole Boswell)

    "God can see where we have come from, where we are now, and He can see how He will bring us out of our situation.  Before we ever came to find ourselves in this place, God already knew how He would lead us through."
  • Love Your Enemies (by Nicole Boswell)

    "How does the world tell us to treat those who differ from us? How are we trained to respond when someone hurts us or puts us down? We are told by just about everyone to return evil with evil. You hate on me, I’m going to tell everyone what you did and all the bad things you have done to me, and I'm going to hold a grudge against you forever. This is how the world tells us to behave."
  • Overcoming Discouragement (by Nicole Boswell)

    "When the world is bringing you down and you feel the weight of this world bearing down on your shoulders, just remember who is on your side."
  • Overcoming Anxiety & Depression (by Nicole Boswell)

    Just remember you are not alone in your struggles. You have allies. You have friends. And you have a loving God who is always there to bring you through your struggles. Use them!
  • "What's the worst thing that could happen?"

    "I don't have to be afraid of the worst-case scenario - because He's already right there, waiting to help me if I stumble. And I want you to have the same assurance yourself. Because living in fear & worry, afraid to take risks and chase your dreams - is no way to live at all."
  • Overcoming Worry (by Nicole Boswell)

    There are so many things in this life that cause us to worry. But there is a difference between being worried about a situation and having Biblical care or concern.