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Shout Outs

We have several people to thank for helping us come this far. We wouldn't be where we are today without them!

For our beautiful logos, we would like to thank the very talented Jason T. Hill. If you need design work, he's your guy! Visit jasonhillgraphics.com for more information.

We also want to thank our dear friend & creative assistant, Jill Konrad. She has done a lot of digital work behind the scenes for us, and we even named our logo after her (Jill) because she's so amazing!

Thank you to the dynamic duo of Sam & Johnny, who helped with our photo shoot! Sam, you are a beautiful model, and Johnny, you are a fantastic photographer. Thank you so much!!

Thank you to Nicole Boswell for being a contributor to our blog!

Thanks to Thad Clevenger for helping us with some of our Photoshop needs.

Thank you to Kim & Tony for all of your support & for providing a beautiful location for our photo shoot!

Thank you to all of our VIPs who have supported us from the very beginning! We definitely would not be here without you all!!