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We have used various vendors to stock our store, and whenever our vendors provided size charts, we uploaded them to our website. (Of course, we can't vouch for how accurate each chart is, but it's a start, anyway.) For each item that our models Sam & Lauren have tried on, we've included a personal sizing note above the product descriptions.

If all that fails & the clothing doesn't fit, we have a return policy in place!
We are very proud to say that sizes XS through 5X are represented at Mellow & Giddy.
Unfortunately, not all sizes are represented *equally,* but that is a reflection both of the fashion industry itself (it's really hard to find quality clothing in a variety of sizes), as well as our uncertainty over what sizes would sell!
We depend greatly on your customer feedback to help us know what you want to see in the future! Thank you so much for shopping with us!